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Default Re: Release bearing always touching pressure plate?

Im thinking your golden!
If you had any free play at all between the fingers and throw out bearing youd be hearing some narly noises and would wear them fingers out fast!
Unless your having problems with clutch plate smell? or clutch slipping? I wouldnt worry about it.
It is possible to have air in the lines, so go ahead and bleed the system but I think its normal to have some contact when idling in neutral otherwise it would chatter a bit.
I replaced the clutch and slave on a 1989 F250 4x4 a few years ago and drove it awhile and have recently sold.
It had a spinning sounding noise when in neutral that I thought was funny but it eventually went away with use.
Im currently replacing the clutch in my 93 Ranger and the only problem so far is the freakin exhaust bolts which I snapped off 2 of them!!lol
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