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Default Release bearing always touching pressure plate?

I just put a new clutch kit in my 92 ford ranger with a 2.3 liter motor. Truck had 145k on it so I expected new clutch to feel funny, but I didn't have much freeplay so I popped off Rubber inspection plug and looked up inside clutch houseing while truck was ideling and the release bearing is on fingers and turning in neutral. With truck at rest I can't turn the bearing at all with a screw driver agains bearing so It's pressing up against pressure plate fingers pretty good. Is that the way it's supposed to be? Are those release bearings supposed to be in constant contact?

Is there air in the hydraulic system that could be causing this? The resevoir was low so I put some fluid in before I did the clutch, as I did this it did kind of bubble a little. After I put in the new clutch the fluid level in the resevior didn't rise or anything. I didn't bleed the clutch because I didn't think I needed too. Could air in the system be causing release bearing to be in constant contact with fingers of pressure plate?
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