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Default Re: NSFW: Why isn't there a "hot chicks" thread?

Originally Posted by hazardousranger View Post
dude u have NO IDEA and the best part? i live in a town where most people are mexicans! now if we couldd just weed out the fathers and the guys here! id be set!

and latinas just look exotic to me! and dont get me wrong white chicks are hot too but theyre just not the same lol
oh dude, most of my town is like lil mexico! there are some super fine mexican girls here. Some that would make you go, "was she on that show on the Spanish channel with the smokin hot chicks???"

ive always wanted a hot white chick but the problem is in my area, theyre all snobby fake bitches. (ok, not AAALLL of them but a good 99% of them...the other 1% are of course taken)

my favorite local news anchor (and probably favorite anchor of all time lol)

i have some bikini contest pics of her around here somewhere

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