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Default Re: Help with rust, Im new...

Originally Posted by 4LetterWord View Post
It's called galvanic corrosion. Thats why you do not see aluminum spoke nipples for motorcycle rims. Only dirt bikes that use aluminum rims. Motorcycles usually use steel rims. This would in time cause failure of the wheel assembly.
That was the term I was looking for, thanks. Yeah they told us that if any aluminum that came into contact with stainless steel, we had to cover the aluminum part with Mylar tape to prevent galvanic corrosion. But they only wanted the side covered that makes contact with the steel. Why they didn't use steel on steel is beyond me, but that's how it went.


I think the best way to repair rust in sheet metal is to replace the sheet metal. Sometimes you can get away with a patch panel or to, but sometimes it is cheaper to replace the entire panel itself. It's really a judgement call based on exp.
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