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Wow, where to start.....Why is it so personal, so the guy doesnt like the ranger, good for him, but hey, apparently he does like them, he belongs to the FRF!!!!! I dont really have anything important to judge anyone by, im just gonna leave with one parting comment....I like my ranger, I cant think of another truck i can abuse so much and still be driving it. And trust me when you see my signature, i usually get that extra ten feet out of it!, Cheers all!
"Let me try it again! I think i can get another 10 feet of air!"

1991 extracab 2wd,full cage front to back,camburg suspension,sway away coilovers,fiberglass bedsides
,fiberglass onepiece front,33 inch tires,4.56 geared 9 inch,3.0 motor w/5 speed(soon 5.0 and c4),corbeau suspension seats,4 point harness,fuel cell,custom dash,almost 1k lbs lighter than stock,NO LICENSE PLATES!!!!!