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Default Re: Help with rust, Im new...

NEVER.....Never fiberglass over rust. You plan on keeping this truck as a project? That rust will come back and bite you in the ass hard if you cut even the smallest of corners.

Never rivet metal over, never bondo over and never just scuff and spray over it. Rust will ALWAYS come back. There is only one sure way to "repair" it so that it will be like new and that it to cut the rusted area out and have new metal welded in. "Completely" welded too..not just tacked in or over the rust.

Im guessing you do not have a welder, but finiding someone to weld it in shouldn't be to hard. You can do all the prep yourself and all the finishing.

My job used to be a sheetmetal fabricator for a hot rod and vintage car restoration shop. Take my word for it, I have seen it all. From little rust bubbles to rotted out '69 Camaros the the only original metal left after I was done was the firewall and roof panel. Rust is not a game lol
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