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Default Re: FRF Afterhours / BS Thread II

Originally Posted by dirttrackracer View Post
i need a job very badly.
hows your life goin man? wit your gf or ex now
i gave up on even trying to talk to her. She just got into another relationship so i just said fuck it ill deal with it/move on. I mean it sucks and i really want to but i understand there isnt any point. I caught her looking at me one day when we were in the same place, and that got me kind of hopeful, but then the next day she was dating someone so i figured it mustve been an "oh god, there HE is...." look. So its whatever.

I got an alcohol citation the other night, no more marines for me. But its alright gotta live with decisions. Im just 100% satisfied i got a job and cant start saving money, then investing it to make a little more money
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