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Old 08-23-2009, 07:01 PM
threefivezero threefivezero is offline
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Default How Much should a shop charge to do a fuel pump on a 2003 Ranger?

OK so this might end up posted in the wrong place since I'm not sure of the engine size yet but I think it's a 4-cylinder.

I'm a car/truck guy/gearhead/greaseball but my Nephew is 1000 miles away (in Chicago) and needs help with his (this) truck. He knows absolutely nothing about a truck or car other than how to drive it.

He said it was running fine, no hesitation or other issues and simply died completely in a Wendy's drive-through. So I'm betting fuel pump.

It's a 2003 Ranger regular cab shortbed with 110,000 miles.

He's going to have to take it to a shop and I want to give him a ballpark expectation of what it should cost from someone that's not going to rake him over the coals since he's far from home and doesn't know anything about the mechanicals.

I'm a Chevy Guy (don't hate me!) so if it was an S10 I would say $100 in parts and no more than 2 hours of labor. So I'm thinking like $200-$300 max?

But knowing that the biggest cost could be removal of the tank, I'm not certain of that. My G20 van takes 15 minutes to pull the tank, while my LT1 Camaro takes about a month to get the tank out of!

As a side note just so you know I'm not a 'hater', had lots of buddies with fun Ford stuff over the years, and I myself even once had a 1984 'stripped-down' Ranger shortbed, no power options at all, yanked the 4-cylinder and replaced it with a 351 Windsor. It was deadly fast, no traction, a joy to drive, and just plain cool! I had it running 2 months with the 351 in it before I wrapped it around a pole!

Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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Old 08-23-2009, 07:51 PM
STL STL is offline

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200 - 300 dollars is about right

U can easily do it your self just remove the bed and bam there is the hole to remove the pump

no need to drop the tank

get a buddy to help remove the bed takes like 10 min
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Old 08-24-2009, 06:47 PM
98blownranger 98blownranger is offline
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pull the tank and $100 for parts. they are many things it could be other than the fuel pump
Originally Posted by redrumedge View Post
98blown you should be an MD! that's the same stuff my doc asks and ur spot on man!!!
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lots of ranger parts for sale leftovers from my 94/96
96 sitting on the frame, waiting to go lower

custom billet parts by me intake adapters and billet steps for the step sides

please sign my guestbook!!
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