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Old 07-13-2020, 10:50 AM
dcw dcw is offline
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Default Air Conditioner works intermittently

The old Ď96er has 374,290 miles on it now. Upon startup the air blows good and cold. 5-10 minutes later the air starts warming up. If I continue with it on, it never gets cold again but if I turn the ac off for a few minutes, then back on again, it blows cold again probably 50% of the time. While the ac is on I notice a fairly frequent clicking -which I assume is the compressor- and with the clicking comes increased or decreased idle speed.

Iíve delt with this for a few years but itís finally getting on my nerves enough to do something about it. A few years ago my mechanic (for the things I canít do myself) tested the system for leaks and it was all good. I bought a freon kit last summer and the included gauge read the correct poundage.

I have to confess that I havenít checked the pressure this summer, mostly because itís the same old scenario Iíve been dealing with so I donít expect a different result.

Any leads would be appreciated.
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Old 07-15-2020, 09:41 AM
tomw0 tomw0 is offline
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Default Re: Air Conditioner works intermittently

I would check the clutch on the front of the compressor with the engine running at idle, and the A/C turned on. If you have sufficient refrigerant, the compressor will be engaged, and the clutch on the front will be spinning driven by the belt. If the clutch grabs and runs for a short while, and then lets go, and comes to a stop, then grabs again, you LIKELY are low on refrigerant. There is a pressure switch that releases the clutch when the pressure drops too low in the evaporator, mostly caused by low refrigerant.
If the clutch turns continuously, the you may have a blockage. Cannot diagnose that from 1k miles away.
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Old 07-15-2020, 05:24 PM
wpginterceptor wpginterceptor is offline
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Default Re: Air Conditioner works intermittently

low on freeon
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Old 07-21-2020, 08:52 AM
dvrich dvrich is offline
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Default Re: Air Conditioner works intermittently

Next time the a/c stops cooling, pull over and check the pressures. If the low side is over 30 psi and the compressor is not running check for 12 volts at the compressor, if there is 12v the clutch and solenoid is bad.

I guess we aren't going to know how what happened.
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