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Old 05-06-2018, 11:35 AM
Richtopia Richtopia is offline
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Default Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

Greetings. Last week I purchased a 2002 Ranger with the 2.3L engine. I'm struggling to pass emissions here in Portland, not because I'm failing, but because my self check tests are not complete.

I've driven in circles for over a hundred miles the last three days, so I suspect something more is wrong than just hitting the drive cycle.

Looking at my scanner I see the following issues:

Catalyst test status: Available, Incomplete
Evap test status: Available, Incomplete
Oxygen test status: Available, Incomplete
Oxygen heater test status: Available, Incomplete
EGR test status: Not available, Incomplete

Now, I'm focusing on the EGR because a test not present on this vehicle such as Heated Cat/ Nox Monitor test status shows up as "Not available, Not Incomplete". The combination of Not available/ Incomplete worries me.

My questions for the community:

1. Could someone check their Ranger with this engine and confirm if the EGR test status is available to them?
2. Does anyone know what tests depend on what? From my research I see the HEGO needs to pass before the EVAP can run, but I don't know what would be stopping the HEGO from running.
3. Any general advice for next steps.

2002 2.3L RWD Manual
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Old 05-06-2018, 11:46 AM
sheltonfilms sheltonfilms is offline
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Default Re: Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

Check out the OBD2 theory for 2002 gas engines on the motorcraft site. Page 28 shows the section for egr.

Here is a quote that may be of interest from that section:
“I/M Readiness Indication

If the inferred ambient temperature is less than 32 oF, or greater than 140 oF, or the altitude is greater than 8,000 feet (BARO < 22.5 "Hg), the EGR monitor cannot be run reliably. In these conditions, a timer starts to accumulate the time in these conditions. If the vehicle leaves these extreme conditions, the timer starts decrementing, and, if conditions permit, will attempt to complete the EGR flow monitor. If the timer reaches 500 seconds, the EGR monitor is disabled for the remainder of the current driving cycle and the EGR Monitor I/M Readiness bit will be set to a “ready” condition after one such driving cycle. Starting in the 2002 MY, vehicles will require two such driving cycles for the EGR Monitor I/M Readiness bit to be set to a "ready" condition.

Note: A few 2001 and 2002 MY vehicles do have the above-described bypass logic. If an EGR malfunction is detected below 32 oF, and the EGR system/monitor has been disabled, the EGR Monitor I/M Readiness bit will retain its current status (possibly "not ready" if DTCs had been recently erased).”

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Old 05-06-2018, 09:03 PM
GSF1200S GSF1200S is offline
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Default Re: Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

Not sure this will be a terribly helpful post, but I do have literally the exact year, engine, and trans of your truck.

I did a clutch job (trans out, batt disconnected, etc) and the P1000 code was gone within 20 minutes of driving. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but apparently my gas cap wasn't sealing properly- not sure why I didn't get a fuel cap light or CEL for evap.

Anyways, I went to do my inspection and they informed me they would have to fail me (because of the gas cap) unless I went and got a gas cap right away. No reason to believe they were lying- they didn't have a gas cap to sell me anyways. They told me I could go get a new one and they wouldn't enter the failure. Came back with a new cap and they had no issues and passed my truck.

The reason for me telling you all this is this: on my emissions printout all of my tests (Catalyst, EGR, o2, etc) were "Ready" and complete *except* my evaporative emissions test ("Not Ready"). Since I hadn't even put 3 miles on it since replacing the gas cap, the truck hadn't had a chance to complete that test (and couldn't before since the cap wasn't sealing... I presume). In my area, a vehicle can have one and only one "Not Ready" and still pass emissions- though no CEL is allowed.

So, check the rules in your area. Even if the EGR test wont complete, you may still be able to get it to pass if everything else is complete and working.

As for why the EGR test says not available, I would try a different scanner. You can get a bluetooth dongle and use a laptop with Forscan for cheap. Or even stop by a parts house and have them use theirs- they may be able to tell you what it says on their scanner. Check too for pending codes- you may have a pending EGR code and thus the ECM reasons it cannot do that self-test. The system itself is pretty simple- its an electric stepper motor design egr valve, and it is controlled by the ECM which makes its EGR position decisions based on a number of factors... chief among them input from the MAP sensor which loves to get clogged with crap from the PCV dump off (it literally is mounted right in front of where the PCV hose connects to the manifold).

The one really strange thing is that you've done a hundred miles over many drive cycles and still have none of the tests complete. I've had my battery cable disconnected plenty of times, and I don't think its ever taken more than 30-40 miles to clear P1000. I would take it out to a freeway and cruise it for 30 minutes, then run it to a busy street with plenty of lights for 30 minutes, and then check to see if any tests have completed. Let us know what happens!
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Old 05-07-2018, 09:45 AM
Richtopia Richtopia is offline
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Default Re: Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

Thanks guys. The OBD2 theory pdf has a lot of good information.

My confusion with the EGR seems to be from the app I was using as an OBD2 scanner. With another scanner the test is complete.

The more I drive around I suspect I may have a vacuum leak. When at speed in the passenger compartment I hear a noise that reminds me of when an AC system is first turned on (a dull hiss/wine), however this truck has no AC. It is only present at speed, so it is difficult for me to isolate when parked. I'm also confused why I wouldn't have a vacuum fault.

Unfortunately I have a hard deadline this week so I think the truck needs to go to the mechanic. I'll keep you informed if I find a solution. Thanks for the help!

Edit: I also just looked at the logs from my morning commute. It looks like my vacuum went from -10psi to -2psi during acceleration. I have not performed troubleshooting on vacuum issues before, so I'm unsure if this is an expected response, or a symptom of a greater issue.
2002 2.3L RWD Manual

Last edited by Richtopia; 05-07-2018 at 09:53 AM. Reason: Added details from OBD2 logs
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Old 05-08-2018, 06:58 AM
tomw0 tomw0 is offline
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Default Re: Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

Even without A/C, the heater/defrost/panel controls may be vacuum operated. If that's the case, the hiss may be an under-dash leak. A leak would possibly explain the drop in vacuum when accelerating.
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Old 05-11-2018, 11:40 AM
Richtopia Richtopia is offline
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Default Re: Does the 2.3 DOHC (2002) have an EGR self-test?

And the verdict is in:

The mechanic replaced the rear O2 sensor. Apparently it was not getting enough voltage to warm up, but not producing a failure. This resolved the O2 test.

However, the other self tests were still failing. And the next part replaced was the fuel tank pressure sensor. This was the expensive part of the fix because you cannot buy the fuel tank pressure sensor for a 2002 Ford Ranger anymore and they had to switch to a generic one.

This whole thing felt odd; these failures should be giving a check engine light but the components were marginally out. However, the mechanic did take the truck to emissions for me to be sure it passed, and now I have a passing DEQ.

Thanks for the help guys. Lastly, on the way home I realized the noise in the passenger compartment is a dull scraping noise, which is why it is only when the truck is in motion. I'll get to that issue later.
2002 2.3L RWD Manual
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