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Old 11-14-2017, 08:29 AM
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Default Re: The never ending P0171 lean code 97 2.3l ranger

Like others I had this and it was either a hose. Check the runner hoses or it was the intake manifold that had a little crack
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Company owned -->>Lost during company failure? ---> bought at tax auction by British fellow lol (he had to tow it apparently)>> after 4 years Brit fellow sold to me...
--Replaced lower and upper control arms, shocks, valve cover, transmission fluid, and now coolant hoses
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Old 11-14-2017, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by tomw0 View Post
You may find one on ebay or similar. Your library may have them on the shelf, and you may be able to copy pertinent pages. Your library may have access to "EBSCO" or another site with information specific to your truck. You should find the 'likely suspects' for the codes mentioned by searching for the P0xxx codes along with "Ford", i.e., "Ford P0171 code" will return a pile of sites that explain specific codes.
A compression test would indicate if the 'mechanical' parts of the engine are working, and how well. Pistons, rings, cylinders, connecting rods, head, head gasket, valves just to name the ones that make an engine able to function. I think.
Get the engine hot, remove all the spark plugs, or if 8-plug, just the exhaust plugs, disable the fuel pump(pull relay wires or rollover), disable the sparker, and prop the throttle wide open. Install the gauge hose finger-tight into one of the spark plug holes. Connect the gauge to the hose, crank the engine over ~4-5 times, observing the gauge. The gauge will 'pump up' on the first 2-3 cycles, and reach a plateau. Record that number, release the pressure and go on to the next cylinder. Repeat for all.
Rule of thumb(as hit by hammer) is the pressures should be within about a 10% range of each other. Closer indicates there are no 'problem' cylinders. If two adjacent cylinders have poor compression, a likely cause is a blown head gasket between the two.
If the pressures are low, pouring a Tbsp of engine oil into the cylinders and re-checking, can be done to see if the pressure comes up significantly. If it does, leaking rings that the oil seals temporarily is the most common Dx. If the pressure does not come up, the rings are likely judged 'good'.
A leakdown test is even better to diagnose the problem.
So the code is gone. I got a code for the dpfe, I decided to replthe egr solenoid motor with it. The code has been gone for about a week. I still have a rough idle with a miss. I also discovered an exaust leak coming from my header today. I do not have any check engine lights or pending codes.
97 Ford Ranger xlt 2.3l and 1971 VW Super Beetle
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