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Old 05-26-2017, 08:24 PM
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Default Extreme rough idle, but calms down once driving.

So, I've got a '97 with the 2.3, now that thats out of the way..

I recently bought this truck a couple weeks ago and things were great until this morning. I fired it up to head to work and I died on me. NBD I was low of fuel so I assumed that was the culprit. During the drive, I noticed it was a little jumpy, but still, I figured it was fuel.

I left work for an appointment and the idle was complete garbage, now I was thinking the fuel system is plugged with debris getting sucked in. I fuel up and leave the station and not 100 feet away, the sputtering and coughing gets even worse.

I head to my appointment and just deal with it, having to restart the truck anytime I come to a stop. I get to the mall parking lot, and it dies on me. I try to restart and the engine is having a fit, can't seem to find idle, giving it gas doesn't help much.

When I return a couple hours later, same thing. I try to leave the parking lot though, and it actually runs pretty good, like, manageably well, I can even get into second gear, beyond that though, rpm drop too much and it dies out.

So I head across town to a shop to figure it out. As I'm driving, the truck returns to 'normal' it idles well, it stays on for a good 6-7 km, even in heavy traffic. Soon, symptoms return full force and with a vengeance.

I get to the shop and they tell me the IAC is bad and is the issue, they also check out the fuel system, vacuum, EGR. Once they tell me a faulty coolant temp sensor is also to blame, I turn around, I can't afford to pay them labour for a shotgun approach. I check out the IAC and it's clean-ish as a whistle, spray it out until clear. I OHM it at 9.9, I figure that's it, slap It back in, and nadda. Same old.

I've been googleing for 4 hours, read every thread imaginable, watched every YT vid. I've got my hunch that it still is that IAC, but it doesn't make sense that It would OHM out and be clean. I'm stuck and at a loss. the IAC is $130Can and I have just enough for that so I can't afford to buy it and have the problem persist.

I need help, please.
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2.3, air, controller, idle, rough idle

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