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Old 04-23-2017, 01:11 PM
sedonakevin sedonakevin is offline
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Default '96 2.3L Cold Start problems

Hello all,
I have a '96 ranger with 2.3L, 5-speed, 298,000 miles. Right now the truck starts like it's flooded when cold in the morning (or after work). I can pump the gas pedal, sometimes hold the pedal to the floor & the engine takes awhile to start -then runs very rough for about 5 seconds then smooths out, rpms come up and from then on the truck runs fine. once running it does not hesitate, does not stall at idle, plenty of power, no other issues at all.

Starting it right now reminds me of the old days with carburetors when you could get a flooded engine to start by holding the gas pedal to the floor & just keep cranking

Any ideas ????

IAC sensor ??
Throttle position sensor ??
Fuel pressure regulator ??
Injector (s) stuck open ??

Any help is appreciated before I start 'shot-gunning' replacing sensors

Thanks in advance - Kevin
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Old 04-23-2017, 02:02 PM
sheltonfilms sheltonfilms is offline
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Default Re: '96 2.3L Cold Start problems

Saw another thread where it was a temp sensor that was open circuit and had the car think it was -40 so it dumped fuel into the cylinders.

Full throttle starting should kill the injectors.

Try ohmming out your air temp sensor.

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Actually the post didn't specify which temp sensor so you may want to check your air temp and both coolant temp sensors (yours may have two, one is for gauge the other is for the engine computer)

This would be a great problem for using the Forscan or Torque app along with an obd2 adapter. Used it before?

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Old 04-24-2017, 06:11 AM
tomw0 tomw0 is offline
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Default Re: '96 2.3L Cold Start problems

I would get a fuel pressure gauge and attach it to the fuel rail. Energize the fuel pump by switching the key to ON, then turn it off, while watching the gauge. The pressure should come up, and stay. If it drops immediately to zero, or is falling quickly towards that measure, you have a leak back of some kind. Either a check valve or an injector.
The latter would provide the symptoms of a flooded engine, and also produce (likely) poor fuel mileage.
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