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Old 03-26-2015, 11:56 AM
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Default Intermittent misfire codes on 05 2.3L

Hello everyone! I found this forum while surfing the net to find help. I canít find the cause of a P0300 and P0302 misfire code and neither can my Ford Dealer.
I bought the pickup last month with about 74,000 miles. The truck ran a little rough, and would buck when it was warm between 1800 and 2200 RPM under load. I bought some Techron and drove it on the freeway for about 50 miles and it improved somewhat. The CEL went on about 100 miles later. I took it in and they cleared the code and it didnít return for another 300 miles. I ran the codes myself this time using an OBDII reader and had a P0300 and P0302. I then replaced the plugs, wires and Ignition Coil. Reset the codes. The engine bucking improved somewhat and the car ran smoother. I had a long trip to North Carolina. So I ran a bottle of Seafoam and took it on a several hour long drive. The light went out but came back the following day.
When I got back home I took it to the dealer to diagnose. They performed several tests, but could not pinpoint the cause of the misfire nor could they replicate it. The claim to have ruled out vacuum leaks. They also consulted someone with Ford on diagnosing and they suggested the issue was due to the aftermarket coil and recommended replacing it with a Motorcraft brand. Their mechanic also suggested the fuel filter and new fuel pump. Apparently the fuel pump was barely within spec. The dealer has replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump and MAF sensor. Within 20 miles of leaving the dealership the CEL is back on.
The two things I am thinking now are the Throttle position sensor or a bad/clogged injector. I am hoping someone may have some ideas or suggestions on diagnosis. I am about 2K in the hole on this problem and no closer to solving it.
Keith Alholm
Bowie, MD
New Ford Ranger owner
2005 XLT, 2x4, Reg Cab, 2.3L, Manual
No modifications.
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2.3l 4cyl, duratech, misfire

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