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Old 07-22-2014, 02:00 PM
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Default P0302 & P0171: '02 2.3L automatic 87k

Ok, so I have looked at similar threads but it seems I have multiple issues simultaneously going on.

truck: 02 Ranger/2.3 L/Automatic/87k miles/18 mpg

Back in April 2014 I replaced my IAC valve due to a code it pulled, the one specifically for the IAC. It was having a rough idle, etc. After replacing that it ran better.

However there was still some idle issues to it. Last month (June 2014) CEL code showed p0171; I cleared the code to see if it would come up again. I also researched the code but didn't take much action.

Now today (July 2014) I had the CEL come on again and it came up with the p0302 code.

The symptoms it's having is when I first start it after it's sitting for a few hours, it starts up fine, but idles something awful like it wants to die; kind of like when you drive a manual and you change gears and don't give it enough gas--that's mostly what it's like. Coming from a stop it will sputter like that with minimal power--it will do this for about 10 minutes--once warmed up, it will have 'hiccups' of sputters in the midst of driving, kind of like a misfire--it will have trouble gaining power or recognizing I am pressing the gas around 40-45mph and then at random between 65-75mph on the highway.

Honestly, I have been kind of waiting for this to break down so I can take it into a shop with something kind of 'exact' to look at vs. spending lots on 'troubleshooting/diagnosing' costs.

I can do small stuff on my truck like changing the IAC, thermostat, etc, but am not too wise on checking vacuum lines for leaks, etc. I have one other little problem too that I am not sure if it is related....when I have my A/C on, at times (the problem is intermittent) the air stops coming through the vents. You can hear the A/C still blowing internally behind the dash, but it's almost if something blocks off the vents and then when I let off the gas a little it will usually start coming through the vents again. This is intermittent, but I noticed it at around 20-25 mph/50-55 mph/70-75mph.

Based on these things should I take it to a shop or is there any more 'little' stuff I can do to help it? I live where there is ethanol in the gas so I use the Lucas fuel treatment stuff in my gas too.

I have listed my maintenance record below...I appreciate any input.

4/2012 MAF replaced
5/2012 new plugs and wires
6/2013 cyl. 3 spark plug went bad/had it replaced
4/2014 change fuel filter, thermostat and IAC valve
6/2014 code p0171
7/2014 code p0302

gas mileage is fine, sitting at about 18mpg and improved with the change of my IAC valve.
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2.3, misfire, p0171, p0302

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