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Old 08-24-2009, 04:09 PM
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Default 1994 ford ranger still want start

I like to say first of all thanks for all the previous information. I still have not got the truck to start, but I did a "NO NO" I didn't mention that before I got to the truck to check it out the owner thought he would give it a try. He had the battery disconnected and he had changed out three of the relays in the power distribution box (Fuel Pump, E.E.C. and A/C WOT). There were two wires going to a connector under the distribution box the wires are black until they get to the connector then they turn into black with a white stripe. The reason I'm giving you this information is that I was told by the owner that the the two black wires which were tied together at the end and that they went to the Positive side. When I hooked eveything back up and got ready to start it I notice that the abs light and another light was on in the dash, this is without the key even in the ignition. I removed the two wires from the pos. side and when I touch it to the ground I could here a clicking noise, I found it to be the E.E.C. Power relay. I hooked the wires to the ground but still no noise from the fuel pump and I rechecked for fire and now there is no spark. Sorry for the long letter but I would hope that this will give a little more information now. So again I'm asking for any help at all. Maybe where the two wires go for sure.
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Old 08-26-2009, 09:59 PM
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Hmm, you got yourself in a bit of a mess.
I am AD something or other I wasn't paying attention but I'll give your story a go.
I would say forget everything you know. Pick one unknown wire, and check it for continuity as a ground, if it is a factory and it is black then it is a ground. Then get your self a wire connected to the + batt. term. and touch them both to your tongue to test for continuity, now if you are still conscious after this(hopefully you did not have the key in as it was not said to put it in the ignition), first thing you want to do is put the UK wire to ground, no result, place key in ignition to acc. and check again, if nothing then place said wire with the ign. off and key out to the 12v wire you installed from the battery. Do this for both of the unknowns, if you figure out nothing then leave them both disconnected and attempt to start. If no luck, then pull and check all fuses. Welcome to the world of $160 electrical trouble"shooting in the dark". Rinse and Repeat after all fuses are good.
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