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Old 07-27-2010, 06:13 PM
breedatrad breedatrad is offline
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Default 4.0 Head Gaskets?

Hi All;

I'm new so, if this has been answered before, please point me to it.

I bought a '97 Ranger 4WD Extra Cab 4.0 V6, 1.5 years ago. I heard another buyer say he thought the head gaskets were bad as it idled a little rough but ran well otherwise. I bought it and found that the EGR was stuck partially open by tapping on it with a screwdriver handle. After that, I disconnected the EGR's vacuum line and it's run and idled fine ever since. Fast-Forward to 2weeks ago...

We've moved from PA to IL and the truck made it out here at 75 MPH, no problem. Then, suddenly it overheats one day and I find that the Radiator's empty! Refill the radiator and when I restart it in the morning, it bucks and chugs and gives a lot of white smoke out the tailpipe. After a few minutes, it warms up and runs better. NOW I'm thinking head gasket and I try some Bars Leak Head Gasket Fix. It improves things and slows down the leak but the engine still runs rough after sitting for a few hours (water slowly leaking into the cylinder(s) at rest?).

Now the valves are making a lot of noise in the morning too. I added some oil to top it off but they still rattle for a few minutes while it's warming up.

Any ideas besides, "You're Screwed, Dude!"

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Old 08-10-2010, 11:31 PM
Fordfan444 Fordfan444 is offline
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Default Re: 4.0 Head Gaskets?

Bump (Can someone help this guy out?)
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Old 11-20-2010, 08:46 PM
pioneerscot pioneerscot is offline
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Default Re: 4.0 Head Gaskets?

Sure sounds like a head gasket, water in the cylinders will foul the plugs so yea till you clear the water from and heat up to help evaporate the compression chamber it will run like that.
Try removing the oil filler cap and looking at the bottom in the hollow area, does it look like smooth creamy chocolate milk shake ?
Check the dipstick is it checking as overfull oil level ?
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