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Old 08-01-2018, 11:02 AM
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Default Starter Problem???

A few months back I went to start my truck and it didn't start. I shorted the signal wire on the starter to 12v. It would whine as if it was spinning but not engaging the flywheel. I tried everything with the same result when shorted. So, I replaced the starter in the parking lot of a bar on a Friday (working not drinking). Since I have replaced the starter so many times in this vehicle the signal wire was too short to cut and splice on the new signal wire. I spliced onto part of the wire that came with the last starter. I wasn't real comfortable with the splice. But, the truck fired up so I assumed all was well.

A few weeks ago I pulled into a mini market and when I came out the truck wouldn't start. Just like the first time it wouldn't turn over with nothing out of the starter. I screwed with it for a while then moved the signal wire a little. I got back in the truck and it fired up. The next day I pulled all the wires off the starter and clean them all good. Then I cut off all the old signal wire and added some more wire to it of the same gauge. I got a good solder on both ends and put heat shirk over it. Since then there was one time when I started the truck where the starter cut off for about half a second while turning over. Then today I was at a location and got in the truck turned the key and nothing. I shorted the signal wire to 12V and it whined as if turning but didn't engage the flywheel and crank over. The second time I did it the truck turn over and started.

98 Ranger 4.0 with a 2000 Explorer engine
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Old 08-01-2018, 11:53 AM
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Default Re: Starter Problem???

when it whines but doesn't turn engine over, that sounds like the solenoid isn't pushing the bendix out. or there's a missing tooth on the flywheel, that'll do pretty much the same thing. just a couple thoughts, which don't explain the whole issue sounds like lol

edit: if the solenoid is sticking and not engaging the bendix to flywheel, usually you can crawl under there and tap on the side of the starter a few times and it will let go for you the next time you turn the key over
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