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Originally Posted by Jay FX4 View Post
LOL that pic is funny.

I have always been a fan of Tiger, but it's too bad he had to act like a typical a-hole man.

If a dude wants to sleep around, that's his business. Just don't get married if that's the lifestyle you want to live.


Nobody said he had to get married. I've got nothing against marriage, but if he wanted to screw around still he should have thought of that prior to marriage and kids. I'm not married right now but that's by choice. Same with kids, I have none and thats by design. Don't want either of those right now, so I've got neither.

Now he's probably gonna lost a ton more money. I didn't know you can renegotiate a prenup either. That's BS. You'd think there would have been a clause in there for just this kind of situation.
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