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Default Re: FRF Afterhours / BS Thread II

Originally Posted by richarddhoward View Post
next question, do you have a girl? And do you talk to anyone besides your Ranger? lol
No to both of those questions. I really want a girlfriend i could be so good to the right girl but i mean idk. The last girlfriend i had was about this time last year. It proabably started around now and ended in july or something. That was my fault though. I tried to talk to her the other day. Fail. Sometimes i just drive my ranger around knowing i dont have the money for the gas but not caring cause its one of the last things left i have that calms me down. My moms about to have to sell ...well is in the process of trying to sell the house i grew up in which is a piece of shit anyway...Im having a hard time getting a job. I guess this is just growing up. I try to keep a positive outlook cause there isnt any point in being upset about things you cant change right away but it gets hard.
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