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Default Re: Wiring issue fuse box 2002

Your burned wire is in the second fuse in from the right on the last full row. That is in fact fuse #26. Not good my friend. According to the manual, fuse #26 is "Battery saver relay, Auxiliary relay box, Restraint Central Module(RCM), Generic Electronic, Module (GEM), Instrument
Half your truck runs off that circuit.

Lets go back a minute. To What you said early. About fuse #26.

1)Battery saver relay.(That would explain why I'm having trouble keeping my battery up.Or I got another problem.

2)Restraint central module. I'm not sure what that is.yet.

3)Generic Electronic module(GEM). I was able to look that up and found
The Generic Electronic Module (GEM) is found on Ford vehicles and is basically a Body Control Computer. It controls many of the following functions on most Ford vehicles:

* Warning chimes and warning lamps( I haven't heard it yet)
* One-touch down driverís side window(N/A on my truck
* Daytime Running Lamps( Haven't check)
* Heated rear window(I wish) (But no)
* Windshield washers and wipers(So that's why,that's not working
* Battery saver ( Another Battery Saver,,Hmm??)
* Remote key less entry (N/A on my truck)
* Illuminated entry with remote key less entry (N/A on my truck)
* Interior lighting( I can't check this,,because there's no bulb. Yet.
* Perimeter anti-theft( there's a chip in my key, does that count)
* Four-wheel drive (N/A on my truck)

4)Instrument cluster ( What would that all retain to??) As far as I see, the only thing for me is my speedometer doesn't work.

So a quick run down again.Thing that don't work.
3.turn signal and hazard signal
4.windshield wiper and washer fluid.

I wonder if this spot #26 or has it or has it spread else where? ( Like you said, wires get real hot and melt and the one's close to it, get some damage from it.)
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