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Default Re: 95 stops accelerating while driving

fireranger: It's not that the fuel won't go in, it's that it was overflowing when I tried to fill the tank.

I replaced the filler neck and fuel filter yesterday. Was happy hoping it would solve some problems. drove it twice after getting truck back. Parked at work and when I went to leave......truck won't start. Tried opening the cap, nothing, tried leting it sit with they key on and pumped the gas pedal a couple times....nothing, I had one guy under the tank and one guy under the hood, it sounds like the fuel pump is not even activating when you turn the key. The fuel pump was replaced 3 months ago, bought it from autozone, the one they claimed is the best they can offer, my step father (semi truck mechanic) thinks it might be a sensor or a relay to the pump. Any other ideas he can look into?

Have not gotten to drive it enough to see if the gas gauge is still messing up and see if it still stops accelerating randomly while driving.
1995 ranger 4.ol- splash, supercab, new to me do not know previous info or repair on truck.
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