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Default Re: goverment shuttin down?

Originally Posted by knightmare1015 View Post
Those weren't from history books. Hitler was duped by Japan. Why do you think aid to them was cut off from germany by Hitler? It wasn't about just oil either. That's what really started it, an OIL EMBARGO cutting Japan off. They wanted to be self effecient in raw materials. They didn't want to surrender. Hiro Itto had to be snuck into a radio studio to even communicate. The war lords wanted to fight on to the last man. Plus we fired the first shot against Japan just 30 minutes before they bombed Pearl Harbor. The U.S.S. Ward gun torrete #3 sank a midget sub trying to enter Pearl Harbor. Trust me, I don't like the u.s. history books either. These dates and facts I gave you came from my WWII documentary collection.
What most people also don't know is the Nazi military was full of people from different races and even JEWS. Some of Hitler's generals were Jewish.

Also there was an Indian legion that joined into the Nazi military to gain back their country (India) from British rule (which the British ruled before WW2).

There is alot people don't know.

I never knew other races or evne Jews were in the Wehrmacht, SS. You learned in school that it was just Germans.
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