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Default Re: Ben checking out ITT tech for school...yeah right

Originally Posted by DangerRanger2000 View Post
I hear ya man! I checked out wyo-tech in daytona and as much as i love motorcycles and have had one since i was old enough to ride, they can keep $28,000 a semester. I'm not sayin its a bad tech school, its a pretty awesome place but the commercials are misleading also, the shops are a mad house with around 50-100 people working in them, i dont know how the kids learn anything with that much going on at one time!!
I was enrolled in Wyotech and was supposed to go the year before last, but decided to stay here instead because I was making a lot of money and because I didn't feel like spending the $28K to go. They just called me a couple of weeks ago like they do every year and to tell the truth, I have been thinking about it again, but at the same time I don't want to leave a job I have to get into a large amount of debt for training that may not lead to anything.

Originally Posted by Casper View Post
Whose Ben?
I was wondering the same thing.
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