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Default Re: New Radio Suggestions?

i have had both pioneer's,a nd alpines in my cars, and i will tell you this, as i learned with alpines, if you go towards the lower end alpines, you will not get some amenities like having extra pre-outs, USB port, ipod compadability, not sure about the pioneers, but they have both the pioneer line, and premiere line, and the past few years i have had nothing but pioneers in both my trucks, the vette, and the VW, and pound for pound probally the best stereo i have ever owned... as for speakers, i put the pioneer 6X8 speakers from walmart(they ran about $59.97 a pair) and have had zero problems with them, and i beat the shit out of them on a daily basis


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Edgeman, not to hijack a thread, but I have to ask why such the disdain for kenwood. And no, I'm not try to start anything. I'm just wanting your personal opinion as you stated experience in 12V installs. Thanks.

Another option would be to check a local car audio store. They sometimes have good used equipment discounted as the guys with the big bucks will always want the latest and greates equipment. So they have to sell the old stuff to buy the keep up with the jones' stuff.
I have found some great deals this way.
i have also owned kenwoods, and they are not a bad brand in my opion, the first one i had installed the place thet installed it did something, and it did something to the parking lights in my honda, and the second one i put in, i didn't have it long enough to get to know it due to some douchebag stealing my car

and i also noticed when i did the stereo in my corvette that previous owner told me he had the stereo "professionally installed" they hacked up all the factory wiring for the stereo, i am in no way a professional, i don't think thats the correct way to do it, i can do a way better job with an install, and wiring kit from walmart then some of the work i have seen out there
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