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Unhappy Frustrated To the MAX!

I have a 2006 Ranger 3.0. I use this vehicle as a Pilot Car. To date I have 168,000 miles. At 95,000 the valves needed replacing (because of cylinder 1 misfire.) I did have low compression. Got this done at my local Ford Dealership. At 155,00 the same problem occurred and Ford replaced valves again. The first time I was charged $1200.00. The second time they fixed under "warranty" from the first repair. (I was still charged for new injectors to fix the problem the second time but that didn't do squat.) I drove the truck 13,000 more miles and for the third time, I am having the same problem again. Before I got it repaired the first time I had replaced plugs, wires, coils everything. This last time, Ford told me they did a compression test again and all cylinders were fine but my catalytic converter was bad. Got it repaired yesterday. Engine light stayed off for one day, now back on indicating Cylinder 1 misfire. This is the same code I have always gotten from previous problems. This is driving me nuts. Could it be a bad MAF or 02 sensor but not throwing the code. I do pick up a lot of grime when I am in the road. Any ideas?
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