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Default Re: decent welder under $300?

Originally Posted by knightmare1015 View Post
You do know that Lincoln Electric has come out with new rods for other materials right? I signed up for their motorsports program where they offer classes for around $500.00 bucks and huge discounts on some of their equipment. The sent me an encyclopedia for a catalog and while looking in their supplies section (wire,rods, gloves etc.) I found that they now have rods that can be used to arc weld aluminum. Which is kool. I'll look through the catalog this evening and give you the part numbers. I welded while in highschool, but my knowledge is definately out of date. They didn't have plasma cutters when I finished, but they were in development at that time though. How long have you been welding J.R. if you don't mind me asking?

Sorry if I came off as a jag bag, not my intention.

I believe you are asking me, yes? I have been welding as a career for 12 years, but was welding as a kid starting around 14, so a total of 1bout 16 years. My dad has heavy machinery for his company and I learned to weld on back hoe buckets, tracks, etc. After that I turned it into a career with what I do now. I know they make rod for about anything imaginable, as i have used a great deal of it. However, for someone who has never welded before I was merely suggesting an easy and quality way for the man to learn the craft. If you weld every day and you know how to run the puddle and work the arc, then by all means take a stab at arc welding on a vehicle. Chances are, though, that it would end up looking like some took a handful of metal beads and threw it at the sheet metal with some of them sticking.

There are so many products out there right now that things have chaged dramatically even for me. I see these kids come out to weld now that have learned things that I wish were available to me when I went through schooling. Makes me feel old! LOL
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