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Default Anyone have an A4ld Auto tranny?

Does it shift hard into drive and reverse? Does it also shift hard while driving and doesnt seem to want to downshift until the gas is let off? Well, this is what mine was doing and I've fixed my problem with about $30. My problem was a vacuum diaphram on the transmission with a vacuum line leading up to the intake manifold. I replaced the vacuum diaphram(be sure to put the little steel needle back in the new diaphram from the old one btw, found that out the hard way...) but really didnt make much difference. I then poked around and found that the little rubber hose leading from the vacuum line to the diaphram was stretched so there was a vacuum leak. I replaced that and installed hose clamps on it so there was no chance of leaks. vwalah! I have more power and smoother shifts than I know what to do with! Just thought I'd share this with anyone else who is having this problem. I thought it was my valve body gasket going bad.
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