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Default Re: Throttle Body help...

Originally Posted by FireRanger View Post
More likely the IAC is fucked up. That's what controls your RPM at idle. The throttle plate is just big spring loaded piece of metal that shuts. Have you actually looked in the throttle body and seen it getting stuck open?
yes, I have looked but it didn't seem to be any problems with it that could see without taking it apart.

Originally Posted by terryduanemiller View Post
is it sticking, when operating manually? by hand or foot with vehicle off? or is it surging while running?
Only while driving is when it seems to stick and very seldom does it stick while idling. It sticks mainly while I'm in 2nd going to 3rd.

Originally Posted by alliantdevil View Post
Have you tried adjusting the stop for the throttle butterfly ( the piece that hits the small plate to stop the butterfly from closing )? ...mine had a small divot worn in it and about a quarter turn w/ a pair of pliers fixed the problem... what was happening is due to the divot in the plate it strikes the butterfly was closing too far causing the butterfly to be the cause of the sticking

.....just noticed you said sticking OPEN .... oops

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That's ok. I checked everything at least twice. The WD40 seemed to help alot so I'll try it again tomorrow and give you guys an update when I can. Thanks you guys it's greatly appreciated. The first engine I had done this and I ended up getting a new throttle body from ford to fix it.
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