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Default 2004 Front End vs. 2003 hood latch...need help

I bought a 2003 4x4 4.0 Ford Ranger for $500 that had some front end damage to the core support and right part of the core support.

I looked and looked and all I found was a 2004 Ranger front end, so I drilled that off the truck. Swap went well. Since there are more 04 front end parts available, and I got a hood for cheap I figured I'd go with the 04 grille and other parts.

Problem: New header panel (thing that holds headlights and grille to the core support) collides with the hood latch secondary release. Is there a difference between the 03 and 04 hood latches?



P.S. New belt, radiator, core support, hood, fender, rt side glass, windshield, battery, condensor, and lights...almost done installing everything. Runs great. Just can't get header panel on.
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