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Default Re: Giving Ford a Piece of My Mind!!!

Originally Posted by FFSHOKE View Post
soo per the guy, "they have not decided what they are going to do yet" he mentioned it "going away" for a year to be remade like the explorer? also them to bring back the F-100 and also bringing the "overseas" ranger, the 4 door quad cab one here to america. He actually agreed with me that he has no idea what they are thinking and that he thinks it would be stupid if they completely stopped making it so i feel a little better hahah and naww they wouldnt arrest me!! Thats only if you threaten their lives! lol you just get asked to leave for kickin someones @$$ hahahaha
Way to go dude, I don't know how much good it did, But I will feel better knowing atleast some of us are fighting for the truck we believe in. Hell this little trucks (whether 4cyl or V6) do the impossible for us everyday whether start everyday even after 300K Miles or carry past the payload or even beat those little Honda drivers, why not do a little something back for the little truck that can and could even after almost 20yrs of experience with little changes. if it aint broke, just improve it don't get rid off it. End Rant
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