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Default Re: The Ranger neglect...

Originally Posted by alliantdevil View Post
As a matter of fact you're right, my uncle recently did a build using the ranger chassis, v8 conversion but with an f100 body...looks badass and drives more like a modern truck. Now keep in mind he owns his own custom auto garage and took considerable modification to do. But it can be yours for only the cost of a new(ish) ranger, a crate engine, salvaged f100 body and the cash (or time / knowledge / space) for all the labor & parts....Lol

I will admit, I want one something'd be cool to drive what looks like an old f100 but not have to pay the markup on " classic " parts....although I guess that might be offset by potential labor cost for non-standard locations on certain things.

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Yep, I have a friend that done that with a LWB Ranger, his is a 1955. He used a 351 H.O. with a C6 tranny. He didn't like the sharktooth grill on 55 so he switched it to the 56 instead.
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