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Default Re: 19 years old, OWN 3 businesses and counting

Originally Posted by trcothorn View Post
ive read a news story somewhere online where a kid started out with a cell phone and used craigslist to trade it multiple times until he ended up with a very nice car.

i traded him, that cobra in the pics was his, it was on tv, in back when they were doing a show on him , i had a lifted f-250 that id traded him, he lives in glendora, that Porsche he had was big piece of shit. and he owed his dad alot of money, hes a pretty cool kid though, his name is steve ortiz. here is the link the cobra is at - 5:21

ive traded way more stuff then this kid has.


Originally Posted by 4evermodding View Post
You are still a somewhat confused and lonely individual, But I'm going to help you out, I am willing to pay for your flight "SERIOUSLY" so you can take a vacation and relax, I want to meet you, if my offer does not stand, Invite me to come see you and I will pay for it myself. I love vacations, and i love to meet fellow FRF members more.
confused and lonley? im not sure if that is a good description of me, are you offering me this opportunity?
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