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Default Re: The Ranger neglect...

Originally Posted by Crowd88 View Post
not in person just on car shows (like Car and driver) sounds sweet though, I wish my ranger would rumble like a grumpy V8
I finally got hear it in person. It sounds damn good.

Originally Posted by sgtsandman View Post
The truck market runs in cycles just like any other vehicle market segment. If the fuel prices keep ratcheting up like they are, interest in a small truck will come back. I'm a skeptic concerning the 3.7L in the F-150 producing the mileage numbers they are advertising but I've been wrong before.

Edit: Correction, I meant the 3.5L Ecoboost.
Yep, I'm forced to agree. The SUV market is about to hit rock bottom yet again, because the fuel mileage is terrible and people can't afford to keep putting fuel in their SUV's. Especially in this economy.
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