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Default Paint Stock Wheels

So several people have requested that I do a write up for how i painted my wheels. Here goes. Please paint in warmer temps (50-80 degrees). Please be aware that this is how I painted my wheels. Your wheels may require a different procedure.


(2) Cans of satin black Duplicolor wheel paint (12.00)
(1) Can of Duplicolor Gloss wheel paint (6.00)
(1) Can of spray wax and grease remover (3.00)
(1) Pack of 3x5 or larger notecards (2.00)
(20) 1/2" chrome lugs (15.00) (Still in the mail)

TOTAL: Around 40.00


Lift truck with appropriate jack. Be sure to check the manual for jack placement points. Remove lugs. Remove tire.


Using Spray wax remover and an abrasive brush (toothbrush) clean all outer areas and small corners of the wheel thoroughly. Rinse with water and repeat. Dry very well with clean towel. Be sure to dry all the small holes and corners. Also be sure to clean any inner surfaces that might be seen through the slits of the wheel.


Using the notecards, gently press the corner of each card between the tire and wheel. Only the very small tip of the corner will actually hold the card in place. Place them overlapping around the entire wheel.


Check once more for any debris or water. Using black wheel paint apply first coat only focusing on corners, holes, edges, and other hard to reach areas. Spray lightly. Be sure to spray perpendicular to the surface (straight down) to avoid runs. When the first coat is finished aluminum/steel should still be seen. Wait 3-5 minutes and apply a second coat, a tad bit heaver than the first. At the end of the second coat no aluminum/steel should be seen. Wait 3-5 minutes. Apply the final coat evenly onto the entire surface. The paint should be basically entirely smooth. While letting the wheel dry, I used the same wheel paint, to paint the end of the axle that is exposed in the center of my wheels so it would match. I also painted the calipers so they would not stand out once the wheels were remounted.


Wait 5-8 minutes after the final coat to begin the Gloss. Use the exact same 3 layer approach as was used with the satin black.


Wait at least 10 minutes after the final coat of gloss, to CAREFULLY remount the wheel onto your vehicle. Be aware the paint IS NOT entirely dry and will scratch easily. Wait longer to dry if time is not an issue.

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