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Default 4WD problems..FIRST POST NEED HELP!!!

Hello everyone,
I am planning a trip in the near future and decided to go out and test out my 4wd in my truck and when turned my 4wd knob to 4hi it my 4x4 light clicked on then clicked off. Tried to do it again and the same thing happened. Then I flipped into 4lo and my light stayed on. I think the problem might be a little deeper then just dash lights because I think I only had 3 tires spinning, my rear left tire wasn't spiining. Like I said I am brand new to the Ranger Forum and pretty clueless when it comes to vehicle maintenance aside from changing fluids, brakes, etc..PLEASE HELP!!!
2004 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD 6 cyl 4.0 L. Completely stock with after market Nitto A/T tires and KYB shocks.
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