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Default Re: Comfort for a tall guy

Originally Posted by Jayleav View Post
Hi guys , I am considering a Ranger . Switching from F150s . I am 6'3'' with 35 in inseam . Is the Ranger going to be too cramped for me ? I have never rode in one . I will test ride a few , but even a test drive isn't going to be an accurate picture of ownership , and long ride comfort .
I would suggest the extended cab for that extra room so you slide your seat back if necessary. I am 6'2 and my seat isnt even all the way back and I have plenty of room. Tilt steering might help ( i have it one mine). The Seats are comfortable but could use more lumbar support, but I would feel comfortable to do a 9 hour trip no problem


Originally Posted by BigT8600 View Post
Might be pushing it bud. I'm 5'9" and I didn't have too much headroom left. Definetly test drive one to see but i think you may be uncomfortable in the long run.
wow. at my height, I am not even worried about the head space. I don't have an issue with it
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