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Default Re: The time has come

This in my Bronco

This is my Courier 4x4 (put back for later for restoration).

Here's my toy Brinker. Will keep the Ranger for gas mileage and the 79 4x4 (466,c6) for a toy/tow rig


Originally Posted by brinker88 View Post
302 auto, 3/4ton SAS (D60/D44) NP208, and about 7 mpg with the 40s
7MPG. Lord have mercy. Maybe my 466 get like 12 mpg at least with my 38s LOL...

What gear ratio you have in it?

Maybe you need to swap from a 302 to a 460.
1979 Ford F150 4X4, 7.5L, C6, 38s Super Swampers TSL

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