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Default Re: What did you do to your ranger today thread

Put my truck cap back on, took off the third brake light and wired two red LED bars in the back glass of the cap for braking. Ran 4 blue and white neon bars under the inside edges of the bed to light the bed up, hooked to an on off fuse. Ran fuel system cleaner, changed the oil, began building a speakerbox for the cab and bed for summer road trips . Took my 18'' Saleen S281E rims off and put the chromies on because I'll be traveling a lot this week and going to properties that are under developement (meaning I get to get her a little dirty on some muddy country back roads). Oh, also installed a sticker I bought at a trade show saying ''Ford: Eats chevy's, s**ts Dodges''...rather fitting to be honest. Oh and I finally got a new phone with a good camera, will be taking pictures this weekend.