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Default Re: Could new plugs and wires improve gas mileage?

Originally Posted by bcghosttowns View Post
Just putting this out there but have you compensated for the larger tires? 31's over stock will change out the speedo by about 10 percent.So you are actually driving farther than your odo reads and therefore your MPG's arent as bad a sthey seem.

On my truck before i had it recalibrated my speedo said 100km on the nose but the GPS would read 110,So if i got 500 km out of a tank of fuel i was actually getting 550 km which makes a 3-4 MPG differance ISH.
If thats the case you would actually be getting 14-15 MPG and thats pretty much on par for combination city/hwy winter driving.By those numbers i can guess you do about 65 percent city 35 percent hwy.Am i right?
As a matter of fact I haven't had it recalibrated. I was told by the dealer that that size tires were the new stock size for that model year and that I wouldn't need to recalibrate the speedo/tach. How would I recalibrate it?
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