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Default Hello from Toronto

Greetings earthings,

Acquired my 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4 last week !!! Supercab, 4.0, auto (wife needs to drive once in a while), 3.73 limited slip.

Already picked up some underlayment sheets for a reno and helped a friend move. Anxiously awaiting my next atv adventure (will post a photo in the atv-aboard thread shortly) and I'm planning a trip up to kiskimaastakin next December.

Will be installing a fiamm dual high/low horn soon, some window-screen behind the grill to prevent rocks hitting the rad, other than that will be acquiring winter tires & wheels for next winter - not sure if will get the tpms in them yet... Oh yeah, will spray some bedliner on in the summer and peel all the friggen stickers off (contemplating removal of the badges also).

ricochet out.

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