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Default Re: F150 or ranger...

Originally Posted by Crowd88 View Post
the 4.6 is definitely a v8, the only v6 in those models was the inline 6 4.2 (good engine just under powered). 4700 is still not to bad with the warranty, see if perhaps they could include something extra (maybe a full tank of gas, or like window visors, mudflaps, little things like that) it might seem like much but since they dont want to budge on the price see if they could include small items. ( i think a tonneau cover might be pushing it but ask for that as well )

Please note that a ranger that is to your liking and in your budget could be worth the wait (plus its more maneuvreable )
Yes, I'd like to have a ranger and it is sexy.
However, I cannot be patient forever (I lost my car 3 weeks ago and that was my only ride lol) That's why I am so desperate to buy a car asap. It's almost a month from car accident.
Thanks for your advice and encouragement! I love to have a ranger!

Originally Posted by 01_ranger_4x4 View Post
the 4.2 is a V6 not an inline, youre thinking of the older 300 I6 which was an awesome motor. (4.2 is very good as well) also i havent heard of any issues in that gen 5.4 (2V) with the exception that few had a problem with plugs popping out of the head but that was somewhat rare. both the 5.4 and 4.6 in that gen are very good engines, the 4.6 is a bit underpowered for heavy towing.

my big ass F-150 has a sharper turning radius than my ranger. lol But i still agree, if a ranger is what you want just hold out untill you find one, they are out there, just have to be patient.
I like F150 but now my favorite is ranger! lol
Even if I prefer big car, I love ranger and it is just right size for me.
But as I said all the time, I am very patient even if I have no car at all.
(I ride a bicycle for commute to campus. It is about 3-4 mile with little hills lol) This is the reason why I think about other truck instead of ranger.
I really thanks for your information and advice!!
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