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Default Re: Replacing Clutch... Fun Fun...

I got mine on ebay too. For a ranger I dont really think it matters if its brand name or not, a race car maybe. But if your ranger is a race car then look into the more expensive ones. It would be smart to replace the slave cylinder and the rear main seal while your under there. Maybe even replace the fluids in your transmission/transfercase while they're out from under the truck. My clutch came with an allignment tool which you must have, so be sure the clutch you order comes with one. My clutch took about 5 nights of working on it to do. Oh and on mine I had to remove a section of the exhaust while I was doing it. I tried un-bolting it but I didnt have much luck so I cut it, then welded it back on when I was done. I dont know if you will have that problem or not. Good luck and have fun!
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