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Default Clearance Items+Rare Stuff: White/Silver Guage cluster, reg cab cup holder:AR

Went to the Yard today, Picked up a couple of nice finds. I have always wanted the Explorer White/siler guage cluster and Hvac controls. Well I finally found one, tough thing is I have a 2010 so it wont work. Also I know A lot of you that want the Ford OEM cup holder that goes on the bench seats... Got one of those too!

1. White guages with silver surround Guage Cluster and HVAC controls: $100 Shipped-Out of a 2000 Explorer Sport Auto 2wd
-In Excelent condition
-Mileage is 92k but I will adjust it for free

2. 2004+ Bench seat cup holder: $35 Shipped-In mint condition
-Comes with bolts

Now to the clearance stuff:

1. Street Scene hitch for roll pan trucks: $75 shipped
2. Stock 9007 and 9145 bulbs like new: $20 shipped
3. Spare tire and wheel new: $20 picked up
4. Stock Springs 2007 XLT 2.3 reg cab: $40 Shipped
5. Stock Camber kit bolts and washers: $15 Shipped
6. Stock gap guards front: $20 shipped
7. Stock sway bar 07 2wd: Free just pay shipping
8. Stock CD Player with Aux input: $100 Shipped
2005 Ranger 2.3 XLT Reg cab steppy: DJM 4/5, Expo 8.8 w/3.73LS axle swap. Hurst Shifter, flowmaster 40 series, edge front bumper, 18x9, 18x10 cobra wheels

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