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Default 97, Bum Automatic tranny, help with swap

Hey everyone, new to forum, and to start off I love Ford Rangers. The look, the drive everything. I have a 97 XLT extended cab, Grey/Silver with matching camper shell. V6 4.0 with automatic Transmission. 2wd . I'm throwing codes P0715 which is transmission speed/turbine sensor and P0761 or something which is shift solenoid burnt out (I believe). the truck was kind of run to the ground when i bought it for 500 bucks last April and put about 1200 into it now getting new o2 sensors, new sparks and wires, custom floor mat and console, after market deck. 142K miles on it right now. My question to you fellow ranger forumers, is what should I do because I'm out of registration and i cant get it registered till I pass smog. I wanna swap the automatic tranny (which the fluid is so burnt that Ive been told to not swap fluid because of possible leaks) and put in a manual. I'm under the impression from techs I've talked to that i need an exact year and engine size tranny to use, meaning i cant take a tranny from a 4.0 96 or 95 or 98. Is this true? Can I use a 96 tranny and just use the 96 cpu? should I just sell it and get a 4wd Manual? Everything and I mean Everything else runs great and is in great condition. Please help and ask any questions.
97, 4.0, 2wd, auto
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