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Ah yes...the old ticking timebomb. Literally. They can go any minute.

It's the damn frenchies fault! LOL. The part is made in france for Ford, the replacements I've put in were made in france too. It's a poorly designed part that Ford has no intention to update. On alot of other models, it's located on the outside of the transmission and it pivots a fork like on old cable and rod clutches. But on the Ranger and F150, it's located inside the bellhousing. To replace it, you've gotta drop the transmission.

What it does is it uses hydraulic fluid(brake fluid) to push on the pressure plate 'fingers' to disengage the clutch disc from the friction surfaces(pressure plate and flywheel). I may have butchered the operation, if so, let me know. lol

Here's what it looks like...

'01 XLT disguised as a '03 Fx4 Level II.
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