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Old 03-28-2013, 07:32 PM
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Default Re: Simple Oil & Filter Questions

I replaced my dad's oil in his 1999 2.5L and everything went smooth. Besides a tight drain bolt, wd-40 helped with that.

However when I did my oil change today (his yesturday) my oil filter would just not come off, I used my brand hands on my dads truck and it came off easy. Well it would not come off, so I went to walmart to get an oil filter tool, because pepboys lied to me & sent me one that didn't work! Also when I went to put the new oil filter on IT WOULD NOT go on. It would not screw on. I tried it for like 30minutes while hurting my hands on the steering rod. Come to find out the oil filter wasn't threaded correctly. And to make it worst, it was a motorcraft filter. Guess it was a good thing I ordered 3. (2.5,2.3,3.0 use the same filter, 4.0 is different)

I think I'm gonna stick to another brand of oil filters since ford can't do that apparently. I thought using them would be the best.

Also the motorcraft filters look like it had metal shavings ontop of the threads on all 3 oil filters, which is really bad for engines, and is on the wrong side of the filter, so it'll be pushed into the engine. I don't understand why motorcraft filters are like this? Does ford want to kill our filters? I tried wiping them down with my shirt to remove the metal shavings, however couldn't of there been more down in the filter, fallen in?

I think the only thing I noticed good about them is they were longer then the fram filters that there in both trucks, so more surface area=better.

Also another bad thing on motorcraft filters, they only had a few threads on them before ending, the fram had at least 2x-3x more threads. So I guess the motorcraft is more likely to fail.push out if for some reason the oil pressure gets too high.
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