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Old 06-27-2011, 08:08 AM
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Default Aggravating ’02 Ranger accelerator cable problem

Facts: ’02 Ranger XL 2WD, 3.0L, manual transmission. Fairly basic model. No cruise control, etc.

Accelerator cable is sticking. It’s starting to fray right where it comes out of throttle-end mount, where that little conical metal swiveling guide is. As revving up to shift gears, it sticks at between 2500-3000 RPM.

Have tried to trim frayed ends, but it keeps unraveling.

The problem? Freakin’ Ford apparently doesn’t make a proper replacement. The first one they ordered (according to the VIN#) was almost twice as long, and the pedal end mounting is different. QuickLane in Topeka agreed it was odd, and we went through 3 other cables. They were all either too long, or the one that was only about 4” longer had the improper pedal hardware. (Jerks at the “other” Ford place told me “bring it in and let our trained professionals do it, if you can’t figure it out”….!) It’s not like it’s rocket science. I just need the proper cable, and Ford doesn’t seem to have one for a 9-year-old truck. Of course, being a “dealer-only” item, there are no aftermarket ones, either.

Another little surprise (that didn’t make me happy) is that they said the engine is 2000-model year 3.0L, truck assembled in 2001, and sold as 2002 Ranger.

I’ve scoured all the salvage yards near town, to no avail. I’ve thought about finding ANY longer Ford cable with the same throttle end cylindrical fitting, and trying to use my original housing. I figured if I cut off the pedal ends of both, I could yank the old one out, feed the new(er) one through, and secure the pedal end, somehow. What are my chances of successfully feeding a cable all the way back through that? I really can’t rig the throttle end, but since the pedal end just butts up against the pedal, I’m thinking that might work?

The original cable is part# 2L54-9A758-AA (346). The Ford pedal# is YL54-9725-AA (then >PA6-GF30< under main number).

The original cable housing from firewall to engine mount bracket is appx. 17”. The new cables (except one of the much longer ones) had a different pedal end than the original. They had green spring-loaded contraptions. The original has a part that tab-locks into the front of the pedal, with a multi-diameter plastic spacer, appx. ¾” L. That fits into the little plastic snap-in mount on the pedal, and the cable-end cylinder just rides freely against the spacer.

I REALLY need to resolve this. In the not-to-distant future, I’m going to have a truck would be perfectly fine just sitting, unusable, because freakin’ Ford didn’t see fit to supply a proper common wearable replacement part!

If anyone has any suggestions, or better yet, a brand new proper cable number, I’d be extremely grateful.

Thank you,

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Old 07-03-2011, 05:46 AM
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Default Problem solved

Even though I've gotten absolutely no help here, I'll post this in case anyone ever runs into the same thing.

If you try to replace an original cable #2L54-9A758-AA, Ford's official "replacement" part is #4L5Z-9A758-AA. That cable is almost twice as long as the original, and there is no elegant method to route it properly.

Ford cable #F87Z-9A758-BD is just a bit longer, and the cable ends are the proper length (from the cable mounts). With a bit of a twist while installing, it has just a bit longer "S" curve from firewall to engine mount, but not too drastic, and it's away from everything.

My main concern was the different pedal ends. Pop the original plastic ring out of the pedal, and the new spring-loaded green part slips right in (from the front). It doesn't "snap" into place as securely as the old one, but it is snug. As a precaution, I ran a small bead of silicone around the front of the pedal mating surface to act as a 'helper', to keep it from possibly popping out. (I doubt it would, but...why not. It's easy and non-destructive.)

Anyway, took a few minutes to get used to the increased throttle response. No sticking...everything's fine.

If you have to replace an original 2L54 cable, and they sell you a 4L5Z cable that's too long, ask them to try the F87Z cable. Worked for me. Finally.

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Old 07-03-2011, 05:51 AM
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Default Re: Aggravating ’02 Ranger accelerator cable problem

nice fix
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