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Old 07-27-2010, 10:13 PM
mopar9012 mopar9012 is offline
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Default jolting problem... need help!

I have an 2002 ford ranger, recently it has started to give me some trouble.

My truck will sometimes jolt at higher speed and when you are taking off from a stop. When taking off from a stop it will also jolt kind of like the truck isnt getting gas and it will jolt a couple times and then go. It will also jolt once or twice at higher speeds around 50mph, which feels like a rougher jolt that will most of the time jolt just once but sometimes twice. What could that be?

one more thing. I was on my way home one night and the truck was idling REALLY bad and was jolting like it wasnt getting gas bad. then my check engine light came on and said it was my camhaft sensor malfunctioning. So I replaced it and the idle problem seems to be gone.

Im not sure if this helps with anything but about a month ago my truck developed a squek at idle. I just figured it was a belt. Then it would idle rough sometimes and stall out. If the AC was on it seemed to make the idle worse and stall out more. My buddies mechanic friend thinks it is just some bad spark plug wires messing it up. AFTER i replaced the camshaft sensor it has not stalled out at idle but it is still jolting at certain times.

ANY help is good. Im a college student living broke so I would rather keep it out of the shop.
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