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Old 11-08-2013, 02:58 PM
PickledCommando PickledCommando is offline
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Default Coolent issue.

Hello all and thank you for reading my first post.

Here is some background info on the truck. ~150,000 miles v6 3.0
Honestly don't know when the coolant was last changed. maybe 100K Bought the truck from a mechanic.

Now on to the issue at hand. So about 2 weeks ago I was driving a vary short distance 2ish miles and about a mile down the road it over heated. I quickly looked down to see if I was in 2nd and it seemed I was (column shifter needs to be tightened.) I get the truck to its destination and of course coolant is coming out of the overflow and coming out of the rad. cap.
The next day me and a buddy who is a certified mechanic took the truck back the same way to the same destination (2miles) and again 1 mile (5ish minutes of running time) its "over heating" (ill explain why its it "" later.) luckily right when the temp pegged there was an autozone so we pulled in let it cool down he suggested it was a bad rad. cap and sure enough it couldn't hold 2psi. So we buy a new one fill the rad back up and drive off. to the destination and then again the coolent was coming out of the over flow, but not the new cap. limp the truck back home. fill the truck up after it was cold with fluid with the cap off so it would not trap air. then she ran fine for the 2 hour ride back to my home town. get the truck there go to start it up the next morning to see the lady and the truck "over heats" so after all of this I was thinking it was a stuck thermostat. SORRY I should mention that right before the temp would climb the heater would go ice cold!!!

But here is where things kinda get hazy

I change the thermostat, dump out all the nasty coolant out(brown in color) fill up the radiator with coolant turn it on let the truck get hot with the air on hot and on full fill it all the way up. We took one of those laser thermometers checked the block temp it was fine, checked the exhaust it was fine, checked the coolant when the cap was just about ambient temp 50ish i think checked the new thermostat and it was at 190 i somewhere close to that. Now because of everything checking out I drove the truck back down to school.

But today I am driving it and the heater went cold but the temp stayed fine ( although it seems to stick a little, what i mean by that is before it would be at the "c" line then it would jump right to operating temp. not a smooth normal transition.) So Now I'm at a complete loss as to what it could be. I don't think its the water pump as it's still in operating temp all day today, and on the drive home both ways.

I am thinking that one of the heater lines is clogged which would lead to the cold "heated" air and maybe its clogged and when the truck tries to send coolant to the heater it has no ware to go and so it throws it in the overflow. Is this a possible answer? I don't know anything about the heater core or that stuff and my friend is out of town.

All of the clean coolant btw is back to the brown color.

Thanks for any help and reading my long story :P
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Old 11-08-2013, 03:00 PM
Jaws Ranger Jaws Ranger is offline
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Too long!!!!! Lol;0 but I'd flush it, nasty coolant causes overheating

ford4thot is my bff
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Old 11-08-2013, 03:10 PM
djfllmn djfllmn is offline
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Backflush the heater core

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